Today is October 26, 2016

Honors Cup

Play your best and earn a spot on this year's Honors Cup team!

The Honors Cup is an annual match held in the fall between the top Hilton Head Island Chapter professionals and the top members of the Hilton Head Island Amateur Golf Association.  Each team is comprised of twelve players.  Four Ball Matches are played in the morning and singles matches follow in the afternoon.

Points are earned in ALL HHIPGA Chapter Events to determine who represents our Chapter. The Captain has (2) two Captains picks, and the Tournament Director qualifies automatically. The other nine players are the players with the most points at the end of the events leading up to the Honors Cup. In the event of a tie, the player(s) finishing highest in the Professional's Championship shall make the team. If this does not break the tie, the Captain shall decide who makes the team. Our Chapter Vice-President serves as Captain.

POY Points Through Five Events
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2016 Eligible Team by Points

1.) Matt Bova

2.) Lee Stroever

3.) Mark Tomedolskey

4.) David Rogers

5.) Dylan Thew

6.) Ed Brill

7.) Matt Lucchesi

8.) Tom Logue

9.) Tim Sutherland

Three Captain Picks (Pick Wisely Ben Smith)
1.) Blake Thomas
2.) Jason Cherry
3.) Ryan Williams