Today is August 29, 2014

Past Champions

Year Hilton Head Open Professionals Championship Assistant's Championship Match Play
2013 John Patterson  Matt Lucchesi  Matt Bova Andy Hinson 
2012  Stuart Carrihill  David Rogers  David Rogers Nicholas Coursey
2011  Jordan Pomeranz  David Rogers  David Rogers Nicholas Coursey
2010  Mark Tomedolskey  David Rogers  Edward Sires  Edward Sires
2009  Colby Wilson  Chris Marinaro & Brian Moore  David Ward  
2008  Adam Lescalleet  Adam Lescalleet  Tim Brogan Keith Bach 
2007  Keith Bach  Doug Wade  Doug Wade  
2006  Scott Hunter  Don Sweeting  Scott Hunter  
2005  Scott Hunter  Scott Hunter  Scott Hunter  
2004  Clint Avery  Clint Avery  Scott Hunter  
2003  Koll Farman  Eric Kennedy    
2002  Eric Kennedy  Eric Kennedy  Matt Dickelman  Eric Kennedy
2001  Don Taylor  Matt Dickelman    
2000  Clint Avery  Matt Dickelman  Edward Sires  Pete Popovich
1999  Kevin Hodes  Doug Weaver  David Quick  
1998  Tom Iredell  Barry Harwell  David Quick  
1997  Kevin King  Frankie Jones  Brian Cook  
1996  Jason Vance  Ray Bragg  John Patterson  
1995  Terry Lanning  Ray Bragg    
1994  Bob Boyd  Bob Boyd  Bill Harper  
1993  Drew Butler  Rich Balhrop  Bill Landsdowne  
1992  Bob Boyd  Bob Boyd  Jeff Osler  
1991  Gary Duren  Eric Landfried  Michael Clark  
1990  Eric Landfried   Joe Jackson  
1989  John Richardson      
1988  Doug Vinsett      
1987  Eric Landfried      
1986  Ron Cerrudo      
1985  Gary Duren      
1984  Chip Pellerin      
1983  Drew Butler      
1982  Ron Cerrudo      
1981  Danny Gourley      
1980  Gary Duren      
1979  Joey Kaney      
1978  Check Matlack      
1977  Blake Watt      
1976  Doug Schreyer      
1975  Bill Smunk      

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